The longing for connection is a feeling that is familiar to everyone. For many, that connection and sense of belonging may be found through community, family, or friends. But for young men and women who are not fortunate to grow up in environments that foster this sense of belonging and connection, they may end up seeking it in places that come at a much higher cost than what they are prepared or equipped to pay. 

Pass the Rock seeks to provide an atmosphere that advocates positivity and a sense of family through the game of basketball. We work with youth, spanning from the ages of 9 and 20, who may have been told or taught to feel that they are too broken to add value to the world. We at Pass the Rock know better. We believe that there is greatness planted in them, and that they are capable of much more than what they may see in their present-day lives. Through the game of basketball and the forging of personal relationships, we hope to create an opportunity for them to see the possibility of a life that is far greater than they could ever imagine. This is our promise and commitment to them. 

Erik Olson

Founder, Executive Director

A single father of two boys, Erik has been a teacher and basketball coach for 17 years.
He was a member of the 1994 Div 3 National Championship team at Lebanon Valley College and has always loved working with youth. In 2013, God put a vision on his heart to reach out and start an organization that strives to encourage and build up young men and women through the game of basketball. Sports, traveling, reading and serving others are his favorite hobbies. He is an active member at Hillsong NYC Church.