The idea for Pass the Rock was born in 2013 – a clear calling that was placed on
our hearts from God. A group of guys traveled to Miami, Florida to conduct a basketball clinic and give it a test run. The response was overwhelming from the kids, but more so in our hearts, it was clear to us that this was something special. 
The reaffirming moment was when we heard one of the kids say,  "I cant believe these people really love us." 

After many months of planning and gaining the courage to step out in faith, it was on July 23, 2014, that four of us visited Hudson County Juvenile Detention Center in Secaucus, NJ, for the first time. We never left. Although the facility closed at the end of 2014, we were transferred to a larger facility in Union County with over 60 kids in-house.
To date, this arm of PTR has serviced over 100 kids and has made well over 30 visits to the center.
It’s been amazing to witness the transformation of these kids. Day one on the court, guys would try to fill up their individual stat sheet; others became disinterested
with the game, as they complained about showboating. But over time, games have become significantly different. The energy level has been through the roof and the display of team support – guys cheering each other on, getting each other water, giving high fives during time-outs, breaking huddles on a resounding, “Hope!” and “Family!” – is a clear testament that it's become bigger than basketball for them. 

Currently we are building a foundation in the cities of Paterson, Newark and
Jersey City. Partnerships with many local and national chapters of non-profit organizations have been growing and we are excited to work with them for the purpose of helping young men discover who they are and what they can become. 
- Pass the Rock