We believe that it is in sharing our personal stories through consistent and intentional interaction, that we are able to create relationships that resonate long after we part ways. By modeling perseverence and support, we hope to show them what it means to be part of something bigger. We create these opportunities through our programs, clinics, and events.
We are available to assist your organization, school, church, etc., for any special programs you are hosting. Our team has experience with working in juvenile detention centers and working with kids on and off the basketball court.
With the combined experience of former college and high school stars that have won NCAA championships, played overseas and NBA summer league invitations, we are equipped to help in setting up clinics to teach kids the game of basketball and use it as a way to illustrate how they can apply certain aspects of the game to their own lives. 
We are knowledgeable in setting up games for fundraisers or awareness nights, where members of your organization and members of our team can participate in a fun-filled all-star game.