We are dedicated in our mission and are committed to doing as much and going as far as we can. But like any journey, we can't do it alone. From volunteering to donating, to simply spreading the word – there are a variety of ways to show your support. Together, we can begin to help these young men and women see that where you come from doesn't have to determine where you go. 
In this day and age, we know that time is invaluable. Our team continues to grow with people that are willing to allocate a portion of their week or month to visit young men and women in the detention centers, but there is always a need for more hands in all areas. Whether it be a skillset or your expertise, we are always looking for volunteers that will join in our mission. Contact someone on the team now  to get involved.
Host An Event
With the combined experience of former college and high school stars that have won NCAA championships, played overseas and NBA summer league invitations, we have the knowledge and the tools to set up clinics to teach kids the game of basketball, utilizing it to illustrate how they can apply certain aspects of the game to their own lives. 
Monthly Financial Commitment
As with any organization, costs are necessary in delivering the most effective means possible for the people we serve. We are grateful for monthly commitments to assist in our daily operations. To set up a reocurring payment, click here.
Many times, we assume that we cannot financially support a cause significantly because we aren't able to give a large amount. But the effect of the donation is in as much of the heart of the giver as it is in the amount. Whether it's $10 or $100, we are grateful for the support and believe in its power. To make a donation, click here.
Spread The Word
The need for awareness of what we're doing becomes more and more necessary, as we continue to grow and take more ground. Help play a vital role in what we're doing by spreading the word and following us on all your social platforms.